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How to make a fake id with the quick method?

In these days most of the people don’t want to show their id or their information then they use various methods. Fake id is most of the important and popular methods nowadays. You can easily make your fake id for going somewhere like a bar or any other place. If you want to hide your real information from anyone, then it is the best option for you.

In this post, we will tell you that how to get fake id with quick and easy way. If you want to know, then you must read this post very carefully this will be very helpful to you.

The process of making a fake id:-

  • Scan your ID into your computer or printer

If you want to make a fake id card, then the first thing is that you scan your Id into your computer or printer which one you have. You make sure that you scan the front and back side of your ID card.

  • Open your scan in an editing program

After scan your ID card then the second step is to open that which you scan and do editing which you want in your image with the help of free programs of editing.

  • Insert a new photo

The third step you should try to insert a new photo with same resolution and size which is valid in original ID card. You make sure that your new photo s not too much brighter or not too much dark your photo will be according to the valid photograph.

  • Change the text fields

The next step is that you must edit your text details. You must be sure that you choose that font size and style which is also used in your original ID card.

  • Print out your new ID card

After editing your all details then you print your new ID card. When you print it, then you make sure that you print the both of the sides of your card.

  • Cut out each side

When you complete your print, and it is on the paper or anything else, then you have to cut both of the sides of your new ID card. After cutting both of the sides then you must glue both of the sides together after it your card will be getting ready.


This is the process that how to get fake id with the simple and easy tips. If you follow these tips, then you can make your own ID card without taking help from other.
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